Vigurine Ghutti


Vigurine Ghutti

Relieves constipation and strengthens the digestive system of infants

DRAP Enlistment No. 0754680285


Vigurine Ghutti

Vigurine Ghutti is a centuries old formula to relieve constipation and disturbances of gastrointestinal tract in infants. This formulation is prepared with great care considering the sensitive nature of infants gastrointestinal system that helps in regulating it. Vigurine Ghutti is efficacious and free from any side effects, therefore it is suitable to use from birth onwards.



1-3 Months: 1/4th of a teaspoonful
4-6 Months: 2.5 ml. or half teaspoonful
7-12 Months: 1 teaspoonful
12 Months onward: 1-2 teaspoonful twice a day

Packing : 60 ml. PET bottle.



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