Adustron Syrup

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Adustron Syrup

Restores strength, promotes blood regeneration & recovers weakness.

Packing: 120 ml. & 240 ml. PET bottle.

Product Enlistment No. 0754810794


Adustron Syrup

Adustron syrup is full of proteins, various herbs and many other vital ingredients in a flavored syrup base in addition to safeguard general health Adustron syrup also restores strength to the exhausted organs. Fulfills blood deficiency, restores fatigue and also awakens sexual desire. It is quite helpful in building immunity for cough, cold, flu and pneumonia and is very effective in cholera as well.


Children: 1 teaspoonful, 3 times a day.

Adults: 2 teaspoonful, 3 times a day.


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240 ml, 140 ml


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